Death in the form of clouds…

So it’s the first threat on the Valley in Hurricane Season and her name is Dolly. I always knew I’d be taken in by a Dolly, I just imagined bigger breasts and a shot gun blow to the head. But truthfully, Dolly has decided to visit me sans breasts and shot gun, but with lightning, rain, high winds, thunder, and death in the form of clouds. Maybe I’m being too literary here, but that’s who I am, am I not? Aren’t I the guy who sees the allusions of novels and literature in real life even though it isn’t meant to be that way? I am.

And while the skies are threatening the very place I have called home for my twenty-five years, I can’t think that it might just be a good thing if the Valley is given the cleaning it needs so desperately. And perhaps I can get my shit together and stop hurting those around me with my words, or lack of them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Weeds this season is burn the past and move to the future. Too bad there isn’t a job in trafficking out there for me.

The worse part of hurricane season, is trying to convince mother to seek shelter elsewhere rather than our decrepit home.

Currently, I’m reading Watchmen despite what it says on the side panel. I’m still reading Camus, but unlike Watchmen, I’m reading that slowly to absorb some inner meaning in the writer’s life. But Watchmen has brought something in me that I haven’t thought of in a long time. I had this idea when I was a kid of creating my own comic book (errm, “graphic novel”) universe. However, I learned early on that I have no artistic abilities (though, now that I think of it, I might have a shot of getting a job at Adult Swim). So what do I do? Team up with someone who has artistic abilities? No. I’m better with narration and dialogue. So that idea has been reopened. Let’s see what I get out of it.

Yeah, and Batman didn’t really help keeping that idea locked up in the closet either, as it was the dark knight himself that inspired the idea to begin with in my childhood. Him, and Indiana Jones (don’t ask).


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