“For her, happiness demands everything, even killing” (Albert Camus)

Go back to sleep forever more
Far from your fools and lock the door
They’re all around and they’ll make sure

You don’t have to see
What I turned out to be
no one can help you

There isn’t a single thing that needs to be said. There are many. There is so much going through my mind that I feel that I have let it all slip through my fingers. And this is going to kill me in the end. Friendships. Responsibilities. Family.

My mother’s sick. It’s not life threatening, but the procedure is especially because she’s diabetic. If I believed in a god this would be a time for me to pray. But it’s this that makes me doubt the existence of a supreme being. Some prayers are answered while others are ignored. Why do you want to believe in an almighty that picks favorites? Not an attack, just a simple question.

Tonight’s a reading. I’ll be there with El, Bel, Jyg, Lady Mariposa and whoever shows up. I’m not sure if the person who returns home is going to be me.


One response to ““For her, happiness demands everything, even killing” (Albert Camus)

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