Another Tuesday @ Art Expressions

The Art District is what they call the location in McAllen, TX where the staggering poets of the Nueva Onda are seeking shelter. And what a home we have found within the walls of Art Expressions. Our second week there, El Senor and I feel at home. However, Dr. Anne Estevis suggests we stick to Edinburg when it comes to our events. Fair enough, but I’m all over the opportunity at hosting something at Art Expressions.

At this reading, however, I did something I never do. I read straight from my journal as an introduction to my pieces that I read, which were “Evidence” and “Cuidandote.” The pieces were written last year for my “chapbook” which Emmy had us turn in at the end of the year. They’re probably the best pieces I have which is why lately I’ve been reading nothing but those found within the chapbook.

A few musicians showed up and all was great. I felt like such a whore because I came home with phone numbers and other mediums of contact. Most of which were from men, so that makes me a gay whore, right?


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