Of random things

I started Sex Wednesdays again, meaning, I’ve set up a Sensual Writer account which uses WordPress software so it’s all good, right? For those of you who have just stumbled onto my blog, Sex Wednesdays was a weekly theme on my first WordPress blog before the goons decided to get really hardcore against adult themes and blocked me completely from their tag searches. Left without a home, I took the show on the road and returned to Blogger which always welcomed me with open arms, but shitty software.

If you don’t know what I do for a small living, then I shall tell you. I write for a sex blog (which is really just writing small pornographic stories to clips of pornography). While I’m not too proud of this, I do tell people because half the time they think I’m joking. I’m not.

Sex Wednesdays was the precursor to this occupation and is what got me the door. It doesn’t pay much, but at least I get some sort of income to suit my literary needs (however, saving it has become my main goal). I’m taking both Sex Wednesdays and the Adult Blog to a new place, however. While I’d embed clips and pictures in the first renditions, I’m thinking of linking RapidShare and the like so viewers can download the porn for free. I won’t provide you with the links to either the Sex Wednesdays site nor the Adult Blog because I do not want to get my hand caught in the cookie jar. And I definitely don’t want my readers to think that the words I write for the adult blog reflect me in anyway because of the persona I picked up.

And while we’re on the subject of sex, I think I shall share something with you that I got in an email:

The firework display isn’t over—keep the explosions going in the bedroom. A recent study found men who have sex three or more times a week are less likely to develop erectile dysfunction (ED) later in life.

I’m thinking that perhaps my lifestyle shouldn’t change. The email also said that having sex life they’re promoting will aid you to living longer as well. I’m already curse with some healthy body parts that might aid me in this so I don’t need another thing betraying me.


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