Bemused by the thoughts in your head

It seems idiots come in all shapes and sizes and have blogs. Celebrities don’t care about you so you can drop names, they won’t give two shits if you bash them or praise them because at the end of the day, they’re famous and you’re not.

I don’t talk about celebrity a lot, however, that’s because I’m a sensible human being. I don’t care if someone from TV, radio, film and the works (whatever mediums there are) because they eat, breathe and shit just like me. Most celebrity I come across of are writers, not authors, but writers. Most of you can’t tell the difference. Here’s a dumbed down meaning: Authors are people like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult and the like – they are known by everyone and they are praised by all because they write books and release them like diarrhea. Writers, on the other hand, are people like Sherman Alexie, (poet) Ted Kooser, Irvine Welsh, Dagoberto Gilb and the like. They aren’t well known by the mass media because they aren’t giving us the books that will be turned into movies in a six months.

However, the other day, my mother and I were at a Chinese restaurant where I saw someone who could have been Valente Rodriguez from that “Latino” show named after the “comedian” George Lopez. Now, El Senor has told me about Valente in the past and how he was when he was growing up. In a small town like Elsa, word gets out when someone gets famous. It took him a while because the dude came out in the movie Blood In Blood Out or Bound by Honor, but it wasn’t until he signed on to the George Lopez show that he got famous around here. Just like Gloria Anzaldua, but not really, because if you drop her name down here, no one knows who the fuck you’re talking about, as I’m sure a lot of you are scratching your heads. I will provide no link.

Now it was told to me by El that Valente was down in the Valley working with author David Rice (oh yeah, I went there). They’re working on a movie based in the Valley circling the lives of these boys. Now, I’m not down for the whole family film (which is how this sounds like), but whatever, tell the story. That’s what authors/writers do, right? Tell a story? What I don’t like is that I’m sure, like his stories, David Rice will try to sugarcoat it and create the perfect Mexican. There is no such thing, Rice. I’m not going to say I’m a self-hating “Mexican” because I’m not. I just don’t like it when someone who says we should divorce the drug dealing/violent/lazy and what not description of a Mexican contributes to a book that makes us look like superstitious morons who still believe in el Cu Cuy.

Okay, I got off topic, back to Valente. We were sitting there when I looked up to see this man at a table full of people talking. He was even greeted a few other people in the place. Now, I wasn’t going to get up and snoop around because I could care less, however, curiosity is a quirk of mine because as a writer, I need to know stuff. So do I snoop or do I stay? I opt for staying because it’s not that important to me. Again, because here is a man who “made it” and now he’s back in his home community, and not even being paid to be there, just because he wants to be home. This is his home. The valley is his home. He doesn’t have obligations to get up in the morning, nor do any other celebrity out there. They don’t us a goddamn thing whether or not you paid them to appear because when all the cards are down, if you didn’t get it in writing, they you dont’ have shit to discuss.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is who celebrities think they are. People without obligations to the rest of us.


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