Messages from the other side

I have got myself another one of those moments when I’m thinking more than I’m saying. It doesn’t matter.

Found written in a restroom stall over at China Cafe:

Repent, Jesus is near!!!!
Aprepentidos, Jesus se acerca!!!

Why is the Spanish warning less shouted than the English? You see, this is why I hate most believers. In fact,  Jenn, Ronny, Abbz and there’s one more, but I can’t think right now, are the only ones I get along with because they’re not…well, stupid. Jesus isn’t near, people. He isn’t coming back like your little book said he would and you want to know why? Because he was human, just like you and just like me (though at this point you’re probably thinking I’m not because you’re clutching that book of yours and praying that I will die in a fiery death and that Satan will have his way with me – I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again: If there is a hell, when I get there, I’ll bitch slap Satan, tell him to get off my fucking seat and get me some tacos!). However, there is always room for an error. What if Jesus was a messiah and I’m wrong? Then let me worry about it. Don’t be writing your propaganda where I’d take a shit, because in all reality, that just lessens your savior.

I’ve been dying to listen to the Clash for some odd reason – thank you, Irvine Welsh! Yeah, I’ve been reading Glue (see Good Reads link on my side bar). I also have this huge craving for brownies, but not just any kind of brownie. I just need to lose myself in my own thoughts and hope that the voices in my head return to me. I’m a little scattered brain right now.

Speaking of scattered brain, what the fuck is up with Lost Boys: The Tribe? Is this movie really necessary? Or was it the Coreys that needed a new job? Someone tell me this, please.


4 responses to “Messages from the other side

  1. Hi there, I’m Cody and I live in Connecticut. I was surfing around and I found your blog and this posts and I wanted to assure you that not all Christians think just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean you are an evil wicked and vile person. In fact, some of my kindest friends are not christians, and then again.. some of the nicest people I know are christians! If you learn anything from this post I just want it to be known that not all christians are judgmental and damn people to hell. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  2. ennuiprayer1

    Nice to meet you, Cody. I’m always fond of meeting nonjudgmental Christians (note: there are three people I listed in this post that prove that I’m already of aware of the statement you made). Thank you for reading.

  3. jenndiggity

    thanks for name dropping 🙂

    hi, i miss you! I hope you’re getting things figured out.

  4. ennuiprayer1

    I drop all my peeps’ names. 🙂

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