The Professor’s Homecoming

The Professor flew down from Waco on the third, spending time with family and friends on the Fourth. Because I’m not one for festive stuff, I decided to hold off until the fifth to hang out with her – Jyg and I, of course, as El Senor (potentially) was going to nurse a hang over from his drinking on the Fourth; however, this wasn’t the case at all. So Jyg, Professor and I all piled into the former’s car and drove off to a friend of The Professor where we were going to chat and what not. Of course, the geeks that we are, sooner or later video games were to fall into play.

Now it might be a well kept secret of mine, but I don’t like to music games – Guitar Hero, Rock Star and the like are one of my many pet peeves (and there is reason, but I won’t get into it). However, because it was The Professor’s homecoming, I was going to (sooner or later) play along. My body decided this was going to be the case. Since earlier this year, I have been complaining of pains in my chest and small attacks that leave me breathless. Doctors have checked me out and even performed a test on me to prove that I’m in excellent condition. This can just translate to: “You’re fat, but your hearts okay.”

Tuesday that the Lady Mariposa hosted Art Expression reading, I realized I can’t read for long periods of time because my breathing patterns have shifted drastically. After reading two rather long pieces, I was lightheaded and even a tad faint. When I was building up the nerve to play along with Sing Star, I went downstairs as El Senor called me to verify tomorrow’s coffee plans. When I returned upstairs to join up with my friends, I felt a small pang in my chest that later left me breathing a tad heavier. Great. While I really wished I could play along (and trust me, I know it’s not like me, but I tend to do things differently when I’m with my college mates) I suddenly remembered how breathless I was at the reading. Couple that with the sudden panic I felt, I decided to play the party pooper because the last thing I wanted was people worried about me. The only person in the room who knew was Jyg.

After a while, I decided that I should get some fresh air and Jyg accompanied me mainly because I wanted her too for fear of something horrible. We returned shortly. Even as my health seemed to improved, I already had my fright for the night so I declined each time they tried to get me to play. I felt a tad shitty, but then again, they should already know once I have my mind set on no it’s pretty much impossible to change my mind.

On the way home, however, the most peculiar thing happened. We were behind a motorcycle when we came to a red light. A car beside the motorcycle (Texas plates 7000), after the occupants spoke to the man on the bike, released a high heeled would-be prostitute who climbed into the bitch seat of the bike. The man on the bike then sped off. Thinking it was a bunch of girls in the car, I jokingly told Jyg to cut the car off while The Professor laughed. When we were close enough to the car, I noticed that the other two people in it were men. This led The Professor to assume the worst. I wonder what happened – The Professor tried to click a picture, but it was too dark and far too late – because the bike turned the corner and vanished. Tomorrow I shall read the newspapers to see if any bodies were found, just in case.


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