Reading @ Art Expressions

Lady Mariposa convinced me to join her at Art Expressions last night for the poetry reading. While I had my doubts because this is the same person who brought us the ever failing Art Awakenings, I conceded and decided to support my friends and read a few of the things I’ve been working on since last semester. And as always, my crew – and I love saying that by the way – consisted of Jyg and El Senor (because we like these sort of things and we love these people so much).

Before the show started, El said that he has ten days off and would love to go road tripping again with the both of us. Apparently, we make a great team. I hinted towards the beach because I feel the sounds of waves would calm me. And as with all my complications going on in my head, I think another trip to the beach will sooth my aching skull.

I read a few things, plus the not-so-finished and far-from-being-ready rough rough draft of my America essay (a sample of which was posted a few days ago). I called it my divorced letter to my country. Whether or not people liked it is beyond me. I just wanted to read something about the good ol’ US of A before the Fourth – it’s just my way of giving this country that has loved me so much a nice middle finger while subliminally shouting UP YOURS, ASSHOLE!


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