“Sleep to Dream” (Fiona Apple)

I haven’t been sleeping right these last few days and I think it’s due to all the shit that’s going down in my mind right now. However, as if an act of Geb, I bought the current issue of Skunk (because, you know, I’m such the pot head) and there was this plug for something called Dream Boost.

I don’t take pills to sleep anymore because I’m afraid that my health isn’t as good as the doctors keep insisting that it is. There’s an underlining fear that something is wrong with me and it’s being over looked by the quacks that I tend to see – which, is what I think of all doctors, by the way; one of the many quirks that I inherited from my maternal grandmother.

But that’s not the point, really. What I want to know is more information about Dream Boost outside the website and the essays they provide. I’m one for word of mouth facts, rather something a website belonging to the product because they’re only going to tell me that it works and etc. I want someone I can trust to tell me that it works. However, this is not the case because let’s face it, my friends probably don’t know anything about this. This leads me to the internet and asking you, fellow readers, if you have any experience with the product or not. Any information and true stories will help. I just want to know if it really relaxes the mind and lets you sleep peacefully. I don’t, however, want to know about the awesome dreams you had or if it makes you dream at all or not. Just if it calmed you down.

This is what Skunk, however, had to say about the product:

When you’ve been toking a lot for a long time, there’s an irritable phenomenon of not dreaming, or rather, not being able to remember your dreams. Something to do with Alpha waves and REM—who really knows? But taking these vitamin-esque pills with ingredients like Passion Flower, Valerian and Melatonin should help you at least fall easily into restful sleep by natural means, which may or may not help you dream, but will at least help you wake up in a better mood.

Now that I’m on the subject of Cannabis (a much loved subject as I learn more about the non-drug everyday), I’m going to jump over to the other cannabis-related magazine that I bought along with Skunk, the almighty High Times. Now because of the article, “The Green Knight,” an interview with Ben Kingsley (of Schindler’s List, Gandhi and House of Sand and Fog fame), I want to see the film he is currently starring with Josh Peck (Drake & Josh), Olivia Thirlby (Juno) and Mary-Kate Olsen (of Full House, but most recently—for me at least—Weeds fame).

In the interview, Mike Gianakos writes:

Kingsley was engaging and insightful when asked about the film and his character, and flatly denied any personal experience with cannabis. “I’ve never, ever touched anything,” he said. “It’s frightening you know? Actors need to be totally in control, so I’ve never strayed off.”

Josh Peck, on the other hand, loves it.

While it is said online that the movie will be slated for release July 3, I doubt that it will be hitting a theater near me any time soon.


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