How to get out of jury duty

My older brother had to report for jury duty yesterday, whether he was one of the lucky few who was given a case is still up in the air in the family newsletter. However, I let him know a few get out of jury duty schemes that could work and are really hard to prove given certain circumstances. A while back, I read in the newspapers that people are being asked if they watched CSI because the whole smoking gun aspect has been killing trials. Racism is a nice one, but in a place populated mostly by Hispanics, that ones hard to pull off. And depending on the case, bias also works. Not to mention actually watching the news and hitting the “I already know the case all too well” lottery.

However, Philosopher and I were discussing easier ways of getting out such as faking not being able to read or you don’t speak English, which is the case in the Valley. It was my idea that took the cake in the end.

Wearing clown make-up with a red smile. I’m pretty sure that would get them to let you get off jury duty. Philosopher notes not to forget to ask, “Why so serious?”

Imagine walking into the court house like this.


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