Our apartment…

So Second Life has grown on me badly. However, perhaps I should’ve picked a female avatar – though I’m not sure how that would bode with Philosopher’s avatar, which I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

Both the avatars, under our control, have decided to move into an apartment, which hovers in the air. Philosopher made the comment about wishing skyboxes were real so she may live in one one day. Personally, I’d be too afraid to fall to my death, not any different than what my avatar does every so often.

Philosopher decided on a place we both like – an apartment with no doors, a large window and with a tree growing inside. It was the tree that sold us on the idea.

Philosopher and I both have made comments that we only live but a few blocks away from each other, yet we still use Second Life to spend lying down time together. I think it’s a little silly, but I can get lost in all that silliness for large amounts of time.

I think, however, our avatars make a cute couple.

And I think this proves, that even on Second Life, I’m a horrible picture taker.


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