A blatant attack on Mormons

Found on the blank page of a copy of The Book of Mormon left in our mailbox several years ago:

Dear Brother,
I am leaving this book as a sign of my affection and love for you my brother we have been through a lot of stuff together and I just ask fo you that you just take a little time and skim through this book to see that it is the truth. You all ready have some of it. It’s called The Bible all you need now is the rest so please I ask you as a friend and brother to read these scriptures

3 Nephi pg. 427 chp. 11
Moroni pg. 529 chp. 10 3-5

Thanks for your time and patience give my best to your family and may our heavenly father bless you all like he has me. And I end this letter in that I know this church is true in Jesus name.

To this day, we still don’t know who the book was given to and who it was given by.

A few months back, two elders came to my house to preach the word of Mormon to me. I really doubt that if there were a god up in the sky, Mormons would be on his list to purge. But here they were standing at my door with a smirk on the face as if the brain wash camp they’re forced to go to was successful.

“Do you believe in God?” the white man asked me.

“I’m Agnostic,” I replied.

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Thousands of gods have flickered out of existence throughout history,” I replied. “Science will replace this one soon enough.”

“Oh,” he said. “I thought it was because of all the new religions that have popped out of nowhere.”

“Yeah,” I said, scratching my head. “I don’t think any religion under 2000 years old is worth my attention.”


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