The word [of] god

If only...

The Bible, you know, is rather a disappointment: it has never done for humanity what it should have done.
—Christopher Morley

Once, a Jehovah Witness came to my house with his teenage daughter. When I saw her supple body – she couldn’t have been more than 16 – I began to wonder if she was the jail bait of religion. Was he using his daughter to win the faith of horny men and young and lost teenagers?

“Do you have religion?” he asked. “Do you believe in God?”

“I’m Agnostic,” I replied.

His face went sour and took a few steps back. And as if my Agnosticism were a contagious disease, “I’m sorry to hear that.”


2 responses to “The word [of] god

  1. if i was offered a supple 16 yr old chick to tempt me id worship headless salamanders right now!!

  2. ennuiprayer1

    Okay now. Well then. I’m speechless. Please tell me you’re like 18 or something.

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