Contruction of a poem

Theo: [reading from a book] A revolution isn’t a gala dinner. It cannot be created like a book, a drawing or a tapestry. It cannot unfold with such elegance, tranquility and delicacy. Or such sweetness, affability. Courtesy, restraint and generosity. A revolution is an uprising, a violent act by which one class overthrows another.

El Senor said he couldn’t write down all his thoughts in a notebook like I do. My memory isn’t that great, so writing things down is what I do. I have a pad of paper always stored away in my pocket just in case that inspiration that I’m seeking comes around and bites me in the ass.

I write because I’m inspired to write and while a lot of people have told me that they can puke out a poem in a matter of minutes, it takes me months of editing, rethinking my emotions until a final product is completed. Same thing with a short story.

However, my thoughts are my blueprints to a new piece. And my mind’s cloudy. I’ll leave it at this.


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