Not a romantic comedy ending

I am grateful, violins, for this day
of four chords. Pure
is the sound of the sky
the blue voice of air
—-Pablo Neruda “I am Grateful”

I don’t like romantic comedies and not for the same reason most men don’t like them. I don’t think they have any substance. You see a pair of people who can’t stand each other and you know in the end, they fall in love and it’s wonderful. That’s the normal formula. However, I’m not interested with their becoming a couple, I’m interested in what happens afterwards. After the first kiss where it means something. After the extended long shot and the fade out, roll credits and such. What happens to them in their first fight about something inane? I know a lot of you who say that’s not important believe a perfect relationship is one without fights. That’s just superficial.

In other news:

Oh yeah. Weeds is back and just in time. Which starts the birth of the Television category in the same post that starts the Movie category. Ganja Babe, my sweet ganja babe.


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