Sing it Feist

No one likes to take a test
Sometimes you know more is less
Put your weight against the door
Kick-drum on the basement floor
Stranded in a fog of words
Loved him like a winter bird
On my head the water pours
Gulf stream through the open door

Woke up four minutes until seven and I feel oddly refreshed. However, my back – probably from the car ride over – is killing me. I also realize that my pain medication for my knee is sitting nicely at my desk back home. Go me! As long as I take periodic breaks between walking, I should be okay.

Yup, 25 years-old and already I have a pain. Oh well, son cosas de la vida.

On today’s menu: Baylor University. What can an Atheist and an Agnostic possibly find there? Oh what fun it will be to finally do something interesting. 😀

But first breakfast at IHOP, hopefully.


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