Trouble with dreams

I’m walking down a lonely road
Clear to me now but i was never told
Trouble with dreams is you never know
When to hold on and when to let go

About a month ago, I started making fun of Philosopher about her addiction to Second Life. Now I find myself slowly getting addicted to it. I suppose it’s the whole experiencing things in another world that you can’t in this one. I mean, how many times can you actually go to hell and live to tell about it?

This weekend will be the trip to Waco so I can see my friend The Professor. [Note: for you new readers, I never use anyone’s real name unless I don’t know them, or that I feel more people should know them. Depending on the link and the person, real names can be acquire.] Now the count is up to El Senor, Jyg and myself as the other guest has been rumored out of the trip. Thankfully, however, El is in the process of acquring his brother’s VW so we don’t have to worry about A/C.

And hopefully soon, there will be a trip to Cali because this city and state is eating me alive. El’s working on his thesis on author Larry Fondation. Fondation was down last week and I accompanied El to his reading. The man is beyond a writer. Hopefully, if all goes well, El and I will be visiting Fondation next month and I’ll write about that as well.


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