Coffee drinker

TO the non coffee drinker:

Dumbfounded I say it aloud,
“He doesn’t wanna get coffee with me?”

——Danielle Roesch from Sationaery Issue 4

I’m not an avid coffee drinker, but Philosopher and El Senor are. Instead, I drink teas. El actually called me last night asking how to make a cup. I told him there are two ways, the lazy way and the old fashion way. “It isn’t much different than making coffee,” I said. “Just throw the tea bag into the area where the filter goes and and then brew the water and out comes the tea.” That’s the way I do it every winter when I’m making more than one cup (Big Red Sun really works during the winter season as one pouch can make 4 cups of a strong tea that way). He opted by boiling the water and letting the bag set and brew itself.

Coffee and me, however, don’t mix well. I drink it and suddenly I’m craving a cigarette. Funny thing is, I’m not an avid smoker either – in fact, I only smoked a few times in high school and once after when a certain stoner decided to take me for a drive with me behind the wheel.

But there is something amazing about the coffee drinker. Not much different than the booze drinker, the coffee drinker is sober and has the ability to carry a conversation. Normally, with cigarettes, but most places in the Valley have banned cigarettes. There was even a movie that proved the power of a cup of coffee. So I have coffee with El whenever I can because not only is the conversation between us, but those who are in earshot. It’s amazing, really.

And if you stay long enough, some franchise owners/workers might even give you a free refill or a free smoothie.


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